The result of the recent Virtual AGM was a unanamous yes from all those who voted therefore:

  1. The accounts for 2021 are adopted
  2. The fee is kept at the same level as last year
  3. The committee is re-elected


Updated 2 April 2021

We are hoping to restart meetings on 20 July.  

In the meantime John Adams has suggested we share our gardening thoughts, and has offered his below.

Anyone wanting to participate can email the webmaster at who reserves the right to edit the comments before publishing them here.

John says

”This year, we have decided to embrace Monty Don’s advice to re-wild our gardens and adopt a  no mow lawn strategy.  We have a tray of wildflower seedlings in the greenhouse ready to plant out and hopefully convert a small lawn area at the bottom of the garden into a mini wildflower meadow.  The daffodils in this area are already putting on a wonderful display and of course preclude mowing until June or July.

At the front, the lawn has always been poor and weedy.  We had been planning to apply weed-and-feed and mow it short to encourage the grass.  Instead, as our contribution to saving the planet, we have done neither and been rewarded with a carpet of tiny mauve flowers.  Not sure what they are, but the bees seem to like them.
Here are some photos.
What have other members been doing in the garden?”
John & Hilary Adams


John Valentine



Updated 29 March 2021